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Quick Action Accounting is your local authority for QuickBooks products, small business financial management, and consulting services. Quick Action’s certifications, ongoing learning, and great business relationships help them lead the way in the financial services industry throughout the Corridor.

Quick Action was founded in 2012 by the driven and passionate local businesswoman, Amy Heinen. Amy’s company exists to raise the standard in the industry for accounting services as well as consulting aimed at small business owners and entrepreneurs.

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Amy Heinen

Amy Heinen purposefully lives life at a standard of excellence that surpass the expectations of the world around her. This is the attitude she’s taken into the now four years of owning and operating Quick Action Accounting.

Among many other accomplishments, Amy is the mother of two outstanding young women and is a former volunteer EMT, where she served for eighteen years. Her focus these days is on serving and empowering Quick Action’s expanding list of clients with loyalty, integrity, and care.

Bret Hardersen

Bret Hardersen was born and raised in Iowa. He is married and has two children. In his spare time he enjoys mushroom hunting, fishing and taking in an occasional Cubs game.

Bret studied accounting at Kirkwood and Mount Mercy University. His passion has always been with numbers which has led him to add value to the Quick Action team and their clients.

Mark Hadley

Mark Hadley, born in Bamberg, Germany, has lived in Iowa since the age of seven. He married his high school sweetheart and best friend in 2014.

Mark studied art and web development and is an avid volunteer in the business startup community in Iowa. Because of this, he’s made a great addition to Quick Action and even made it a team!